The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the extreme northwest of Africa on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The country's nature is shaped by several chains of the Atlas Mountains, which frame the Moroccan meseta, a vast, flat steppe landscape, in the north and east. In the north, the climate is Mediterranean...

Doesn't that sound fantastic, like something out of a travel guide? It is! But this picturesque description from the travel guide was not the reason for the next big DOitNAU charity tour. But from the beginning ... Chris cycled from Erfurt to Paris and back again last year. On one of his last stops on the way back he met Alahe in Luxembourg and at breakfast together they put some cycling adventures including photo albums on the table. She showed him her tour of Morocco, which she had cycled a few years ago.
Chris immediately fell in love with the pictures and promptly called Wiebke (who had just cycled to Athens herself) to suggest that they ride across Morocco together in 2022 - in DOitNAU style - for a good cause, of course. Wiebke was immediately hooked. Honestly, who of you would have said "No, thanks!" to over 3000 km across Morocco in only 21 days?

From then on, the plan was already set, at least where the journey would take us. The only question left was for what good cause. But that was also found pretty quickly. It quickly became clear that the new DOitNAU project should support another non-profit bicycle project. In addition, a project should be supported that is committed to sustainability. Out of the many great projects, NGOs and other initiatives, the DOitNAU team decided, after a very cool phone call with the initiators, to collect money for World Bicycle Relief this year. World Bicycle Relief works for sustainable change and wants to help end poverty in rural developing regions in the long term. As a non-profit organisation, we provide people with specially designed, robust and locally assembled bicycles - where there is no reliable means of transport.

Okay, so let's summarise again:

DOitNAU goes Morocco, raises money for World Bicycle Relief. And what exactly does the tour look like?


Yes, exactly, 3000 km are planned within 21 days across Morocco over the Atlas Mountains, into the desert, west along the coast, with the ferry to Gibraltar, then a few more kilometres through Spain and back home by train.

Who can donate, how exactly, and when does it start?


But I'm only here to ride my bike.... Yes, everyone can donate directly on the World Bicycle Relief website. The project will start here in August.

How much luggage do you take and what exactly is on the packing list?


Luggage will of course be kept as small as possible, because Aragon already said "only light luggage". As soon as we are ready, you will of course get a packing list and you are welcome to ask questions about it.

How exactly do you prepare for this tour? So what is the best way to train for it and what exactly should you consider when planning?


But I'm only here to cycle.... Well, I don't know about real training! Just train your seat meat and play a bit with the kettlebell, otherwise stretching is the be-all and end-all.


Yes, planning a tour like this is nice on the one hand, but also quite exhausting. Most of the time, the plan works out quite well if you are a bit naive, clarify the most important things (entry requirements, time period, ...) and everything else will work out. It's good if you don't have to plan it alone, so Wiebke thinks of things I wouldn't think of and vice versa. After all, it should remain an adventure.