That's Chris,

better known as Turbo Chris. He has been riding a bike since the wild 90s and has of course long since realized that the question of a favorite bike is quite complex. In any case, it did not remain with one bike. Okay, he prefers his gravel bike a bit, because most of the time he's cruising along the forest highway or some kind of trails. Whether his longest tour in one piece went to Sparta remains open, but with 300 km you can already include Sparta in the Strava title. The 3000+ meters of altitude as the highest mark in a tour is self-explanatory. Probably he will soon add to the distance and the altitude meters.
Christopher likes to give, so now not only tire cover, but in general. That's why he rides for a good cause and gets other people to try his hobby. While cycling around all our continents, his biggest goal, he will meet many people he can convince. Only the mountains sometimes make him suffer, because he prefers to think of the summit and that it then goes back to the descent. A stop at the bakery on every tour makes him quickly forget the pain anyway. The bakery sales(wo)man doesn't need to have a particular snack on offer, the turbo will take anything that's sweet.
Christopher only gets off his bike to pump up the air, at least that's what he says. It makes sense, too, when you know what adventures he's already been on. And anyway, you can do so much with a bike if you just want to. In his opinion, it's like pasta and pizza. Why not just noodles on pizza or pasta with pizza sauce flavor?

That's Wiebke,

She is also called Wiebke by her friends. Since April 97, nothing separates her from a bike, as her parents' detailed documentation of her first bike tour in 2000 shows. Her Omnium is simply her favorite bike among the many others and depending on who she is riding with, either Road or MTB is on the riding program. The longest distance at a stretch was 452 km and the most altitude meters on a tour around 5500 hm. Yo Wiebke, why do you actually ride a bike for a good cause? "..., because I am very grateful for the privileges I have like being able to do bike tours like this and want to pass some of it on!" As her biggest goal she defines to ride up mountains faster, one can do, because she would like to look no longer so often at bloomers thereby and rather head off and legs on. When she is not in the saddle, then she starts in her professional life or is active in the world of sports, much outdoors, eating, drinking, these things. Oh yes, about food she also said that honey waffles during a tour is her secret weapon and so in general she takes pizza as a starter and then likes pasta. We are looking forward to see more content from her soon!

That's Fabian,

from friends he is also called Raketen Joe. Already in kindergarten his love for bicycles started, with his 12,5" Blitz and so he has no real favorite bike, because he loves them all! What you can also see in his "fleet" of some bikes. If you pay close attention and don't blink, you can spot him riding past you on his road bike, but as I said don't blink, then you won't recognize him. His longest tour was something like 614 km (ridiculous) in I think about 5 h. Fun! The 614 km he is still driven in one piece, but just not in only 5h. With the altitude meters he is also not squeamish and collected something over 6000 hm in one trip. Yo Fabian, why do you actually ride a bike for a good cause? "... Because it makes me happy!" Which also fits his biggest goal in life, because he wants to make a big difference with small steps. To be able to ride up a mountain even faster, his secret tip is the right accompanying music. Which he did not want to reveal. When he is not in the saddle, he probably just changes the kit and then continues to clamp in the saddle. One more question Fabian, pizza or pasta? "Yes with pleasure!" We look forward to seeing more content from him soon and also visit tatütatour