who we are who we are

We are various riders from Erfurt, Germany and we have been cycling for years in different styles and formats. Everyone who is planning a charity campaign can take a part of DOitNAU to organize a charity bike ride. All of us are passionate about cycling and like to push
ourselves to our physical and mental limits.

the project the project

We are doing extreme bike tours on behalf of goodwill; collecting money for people in need, NGOs and NPOs. Every extreme tour has a different purpose and a different background, but in every tour we are looking for regional companies which support us on different days during the period with an amount per kilometre driven. Each tour is not only about cycling for the money, but also to prove to ourselves and our bodies that we can still achieve such an enormous performance.

do we want?
do we want?

For achieving our goals in 2021 and beyond we are looking for cooperations and sponsoring partners with an eye for design, market positioning, growth potential and further developing their own brand. We would be more than happy to make ourselves available for a testimonial; we can document reviews of usage and progress so that you also have added value from this cooperation. Of course, we would also use our social media channels, as ‘micro influencers’ so to speak, for live reports and brand awareness.

We did it! We did it!

Work with us? Work with us?

lf you are interested in working with us,
please feel free to contact us or
take a look at our lnstagram profile.
Do not wait for it - DOitNAU!