Rennsteig Rennsteig


Imagine riding your gravel bike in a group, over 200 km with lots of altitude and the only goal is to reach the last train! Sounds like a challenge exactly to your taste? Then our ride on 29.04.2023 is probably just your thing, there is just the following to consider:

1. There is no intermediate station that we will be stopping at. If you want to get off, the group can no longer accompany you.
2. As it is very tight in terms of time, the average is around 20 km/h or higher.
3. You should feel fit and have ridden at least one distance at this speed average.
4. We respect nature, stay on the given route and leave only a moment 'of happiness'.
5. We are considerate of all other nature enthusiasts.
6. We see ourselves as a colourful, open and tolerant cycling community, in which we want to offer free development through the magical moments of togetherness on and off the bike. Abstract views that express themselves in nationalism, racism, sexism and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.

Meeting point, for all those coming from Erfurt, is Willy-Brandt-Platz at 5:30. The first train will take us to Eisenach (at 6:40), from there we will cycle to the start of the Rennsteig in Hörschel (at 7:10). About halfway along the route, a small refreshment station will be waiting for us with food, bars, gels and water. There you can refill yourself and your bottles. A small donation in advance would be very nice and helpful so that we can provide the aid station with so much food. Otherwise the challenge is unsupported and you take what you need with you. You can register via, various train group tickets can also be booked in advance and for questions just write to us on Insta. We are looking forward to seeing you.

meeting point Willy-Brandt-Platz, Erfurt
time 5:30 am
distance 210 km
elevation 3100 m
speed 20 km/h or higher