Social ZWIFT Ride Social ZWIFT Ride

You like cycling, do you have ZWIFT, have you been on the SOCIAL RIDES over the summer and would you like to stay in touch with everyone over the winter? That's exactly why you should come to our social ZWIFT rides on Thursdays. It's not about being super fast or super strong, it's about having a ride together. Even if you don't have any experience on ZWIFT, you can still learn and have good conversations about bike nerd stuff.

How can I be part of it?

There is an event planned for every Thursday in our Club from 7:30 pm, ride a lap and can write with each other.

I've only just started cycling, can I join in?

Definitely yes! Care will be taken to keep the group together. Possibly individual segments will be released for shooting, but afterwards we will continue together.
We offer group rides (Social-ZWIFT-Rides) or group workouts (Social-ZWIFT-Workout) on a weekly basis. Please check on Insta or in the club which week it is now. We offer group rides (Social-ZWIFT-Rides) or group workouts (Social-ZWIFT-Workout) on a weekly basis. Please check which one is on which week via Insta or in the club.

Are there only men there then?

No! Over the winter our events are all mixed rides and we would love to have as many women as possible join us.

How much time should I allow?

The events are always planned for one hour, if we should plan longer events, we can always coordinate this together.

How again?

Just send us a PM on Insta with any problems or questions.

Where do I have to go?

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