Holiday with the mad ones

Imagine you had three days in April for yourself, your gravel bike and a few beautiful routes on the edge of the Eichsfeld and at the foot of the Hainich National Park. Doesn't that sound awesome and almost like an advert from your childhood? Fantastic! Then the gravel camp is just the thing for you or a friend! During these three days, you can decide with whom you want to ride the gravel routes we have prepared. But that's not all, because as in a good holiday camp, there's also an enjoyable and varied evening programme waiting for you.

What is Gravel Camp?

Gravel Camp was born out of the idea: "...don't we want to go on a nice gravel holiday? With a few people and a cabin or something? ..." (Thank you Jule!) and after some brief thinking, phone calls and emails we present you GRAVEL CAMP. With a total of 10 people and the bikes we want to discover Thuringia.

Where and when?

Our camp will take place from 08.04. - 11.04.2024. We will be staying at Volkenroda abbey, which will give us a warm welcome and a broad horizon. A journey as a group ride from Erfurt is of course a given. Luggage transport for arrival and departure is included.

What does the fun cost?

The total cost is €251 per person and you get:

  • Accommodation with breakfast and dinner
  • Luggage transport
  • A guided tour of Mühlhausen
  • Yoga course
  • gels, bars and bottled food

IMPORTANT: We are not an association, bear any risks with private liability and therefore cannot reimburse any costs!
All profits generated will benefit the Erfurt Women's Refuge in 2024.

Can you also wrap this as a gift?

Of course! Presents are great.

We see ourselves as a colourful, open and tolerant cycling community, in which we want to offer free development through the magical moments of togetherness on and off the bike. Abstract views that express themselves in nationalism, racism, sexism and discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.